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About us

C.R.I.L.S. is a unique linguistic services provider, in that it offers a whole array of solutions, from innovative and tailor-made language lessons, to a translation agency, not to mention the supervision of multilingual projects, coaching and consulting in all language related matters.

Our philosophy

C.R.I.L.S. sees languages as a window to the world, the road to communication and a bridge between partners. We place this philosophy at the heart of our operations, and share it with our students (from 3 to 99 years old!) in a playful and engaging way. Our courses are designed around the needs and interests of the participants whilst taking individual learning styles into account. Our professional approach is also apparent both in the precision and the cultural dimension of the translations and courses that we provide.

Above all, we love to share our passion for languages and the cultures that they embody.

Our team

C.R.I.L.S.’ playful, interactive and creative “out-of-the-box” approach is inextricably linked to the personal experience of its founder, Cynthia Rud. Born in Argentina, with Dutch citizenship but residing in Belgium, Ms Rud is a professional translator who holds a degree in Languages and Linguistics and has been teaching languages for 25 years. A citizen of the world, she shares her love of languages as a means of exchange and understanding and as a path for forging friendships.

Our partners

Language lessons

Language school

Discover our unique and innovative pedagogical approach. Learn to love speaking a language in a fun and efficient way. Try the C.R.I.L.S. method!

In our language school we offer French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, English and Russian lessons (and other languages upon request), in immersion and in small groups of maximum six participants. Feel at ease and dare to speak in our interactive lessons and improve both comprehension and oral expression efficiently whilst having fun! Contact us to find out more!

We hold evening classes for businessmen and women and students, but we also hold classes during the day and on Saturday mornings.

During the school holidays (All Saints, Christmas, Carnival, Easter and summer) we organise intensive courses for children and teenagers, and summer modules for adults.

However, C.R.I.L.S.’ activities don’t end in the classroom! Our regular classes and intensive summer programmes for kids and teens take them on a journey of discovery of the world and its cultures. In addition to that we organise cultural outings. Our excursions and visits in the target language enable adults to put what they’ve learned into practice.

Our approach aims to inspire students to learn and continue learning foreign languages, and to share the cultures that that they embody.

Language lesson


Would you like to put together your own group? Are you looking for a programme that’s made to measure based on your specific needs? Contact us and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

Find out more by filling in our contactcontact form.

Intensive courses (stages)

Click here , to send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Find out more by filling in the contact form.

Translation agency

• C.R.I.L.S. ensures the translation of your texts, data sheets, user manuals,... in fields as varied as technical documents, marketing, commerce, communication, tourism and multimedia. We also provide sworn translations. C.R.I.L.S. has 13 years of experience in different countries and works with a high level of precision within tight deadlines. Our worldwide network of professional translators and linguists is at your disposal!

• We translate your press releases, brochures and letters… We draft and edit your texts in the target language for your target market (Spanish for Spain or Latin America; English for England, Canada, the USA…; Dutch for Flanders or the Netherlands; French for Wallonia, France or Canada…). We correct your texts. We manage your multilingual projects.

Request a quote

Walloon Region

• Request a free quote by sending us your texts to be translated (final version) to this address: contact@crils.com


• C.R.I.L.S. provides website translation into one or various languages and recommends that you enquire about the support available from the Walloon Region and the AWEX with regards to your website.

Linguistic projects

Linguistic and/or multilingual project management

Multilingual project management: with regards to your multilingual projects, we prepare your sales, marketing, public relations and human resources teams in the target language(s) and for the target culture(s). Come and meet us to discuss the solutions that best meet your needs! Events: organization of linguistic events (trade fairs, exhibitions, etc…) and multilingual staff.

We organise themed language workshops as well as educational trips and cultural activities in a target language (literature, art, circus, theatre).

- We take care of your translation, communication, marketing and tourism projects in one or various languages! Tell us what you need and we’ll provide tailor-made solutions.

- We also organize linguistic or multilingual events, themed language workshops, conversation groups…

- We accompany you to your target language business meetings and provide live translation!

- We can organize educational trips and cultural activities in a target language (literature, art, circus, theatre…).

Ready to Start ?

Coaching & Consulting


We offer: staff development training, teacher coaching, training in modern teaching techniques such as: using the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR), putting together interactive lessons, targeting a specific audience and much more!

We organize training for public or private institutions either at C.R.I.L.S. or in your offices. Our objective: that teachers who follow the course be thereafter able to (re)motivate language learners and share a love of learning languages in a fun way and over the long term.

- Using the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR) in the classroom

- Interactive lessons for target audiences

- Using ICT (Information and Communication technologies) to ensure an interactive, fun, modern and motivating learning experience;

- Using online resources to structure a language lesson;

- Teaching over the telephone; blended-learning programmes;

And for businesses only:

- Cross-cultural training: how to work in an international team; working abroad and cultural practices.

Language tests

We create paper or digital versions of tailor-made tests and adaptive tests; we test the written and/or oral linguistic skills of your employees or future employees; we organise multilingual testing sessions.

Linguistic appraisals and development of language tests:

• We test the oral and written skills of participants in a foreign language based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)
• We develop standardised or tailor-made tests (paper or digital)
• We correct written tests.
• We organise oral tests via telephone or face-to-face either in the C.R.I.L.S. offices or in your own.
• We design and develop made-to-measure tests and assessment systems, analyse test results and provide pedagogical advice.


We develop tailor-made blended-learning programmes, create sitographies and company profiles. We design training courses and teaching programmes for your company, or in response to national and international invitations to tender.

Creation of learning modules

On- or offline. We design audiovisual materials that make language learning fun. Tell us your needs and we will offer solutions!